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July 11, 2019

   Greetings all.  Just want to, once again, thank all that helped in the “Ride for Richie" event we held. It was a success, and that was in part due to all that helped and participated..


   Our July meeting was held at the usual haunt, and was well attended. We ran into a few logistical problems, but that didn’t stop us. First “Irish John” was unable to attend, and “bang the gavel” due to family matters in New Zealand. Our thoughts and prayers go out to John and his family during this difficult time . Let's hope he is back in short time. Due to John’s absence, we did not call the "Goose" and arrange to have use of the upstairs room for the meeting; therefore, we held it downstairs in the restaurant.


   During the meeting Head Road Captain, Paule went over the ride schedule for the rest of the year. All rides the next few months will be on the Island, with off Island rides scheduled to begin in September. Try to make a few of the rides. We always have a good time. Paule also asked me to be an Assistant Road Captain, which I accepted. I will work with the other Road Captains to plan rides and activities and make sure all our rides are safe and fun for the entire group. Thank you.

    Assistant Road Captain, Jack, has arranged a ride to the Harley-Davidson plant in York, PA. Jack has reservations for 16 to take the “Steel Toe” tour of the plant on 9/20. If you have not done this tour, I recommend it. I went last year, and it was well worth the price of $35.00. Jack sent out an email with details about the entire trip.

    Assistant Road Captain, Frank, spoke about the “Ride for Richie". Frank expressed how happy the ride made Richie and his family. Doesn’t matter how much we raised, and we did well, but just making the family forget about their problems for those few hours was worth all our effort. Bottom line, the ride was a success!


     Another point of the meeting was ride communications. We are now researching different radio systems, and will have more info on this in the near future. Our 50/50 was held, and due to fact that we were having the meeting in the restaurant, a patron seated with his wife, enjoying dinner, asked into the 50/50. Of course we obliged, unfortunately, he did not win, and “Big Joe" took home the winnings, once he returned from the bathroom.

       The meeting was then brought to a close, and we will meet again in August. Until then, Ride and enjoy the summer, but most importantly, stay safe!

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