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Photo Tag Contest

(April 1 to Oct 31)

A riding game of tag using photos of your bike in a mystery location with an interesting sight to see, good place to ride, or good food to eat. The purpose is to have fun, discover new places and promote friendship and camaraderie within the Club.



The Process:
(EXAMPLE): Paule starts the game by posting a photo of his bike at the Great South Bay Bridge. Jack then rides to “tag” the current location of the same bridge. Jack rides his bike to the bridge and takes a photo with his bike positioned so it and the bridge are visible like Paule’s photo. He submits the photo to the Chapter Facebook Group or WhatsApp “claiming” that tag. Jack now rides to another location of his choosing, say outside his favorite restaurant. He positions his bike and takes a photo. He then submits it with a hint to provide a clue but does not tell the actual location. The next day Nick says, “I know that place!” and heads off to the restaurant. He grabs a photo with his bike positioned similarly to Jack’s and submits it being the first to claim that tag. Now Nick goes to find another interesting feature, landmark or location to set the new Tag by submitting a photo of his bike at that spot by the next day, along with a new hint or clue. And so on. 

-It’s a game, have fun!
-A legit Tag is a newly taken photo of your bike at a location on Long Island submitted to the Chapter’s social media with a hint and make sure “Photo Tag” is in the message.
-The first person to “Tag” the current location moves it to a new location.
-To make the new “Tag” take a photo of your bike in a new location and submit it to the group. It will now be the new Tag. (If more than 24 hours go by without posting a Tag photo at a new location, it will revert to the prior Tag and will be someone else’s to grab.)
-Another person must grab the Tag and move it to a new location. You can’t move your own Tag.
-If a location turns out to be so disdainful that no one tags it after two weeks, then the Tag will revert to its prior location and be eligible for someone else to grab.
-IMPORTANT: If you think you know the location of the Tag by the photo or the clues given, DO NOT shout them out and give it away. You will ruin the fun for others. Do not post your guesses to the group chat. You must ride to the location and “tag” it with a photo.

Keep in mind the following when you make a new tag:

    .  Landmark, historical marker, good restaurant, interesting roadside attraction, good
       motorcycle road.
    .  It should be safely accessible to the general public (without paying admission).
    .  On or near a paved road not miles down a gravel road.
    .  Don’t tag where it would be dangerous to get off the bike.
    .  It may be somewhat a mystery, but be sure to provide a hint of some kind so people can figure
       it out.
    .  Remember your bike and the landmark must both be visible in the photo.
    .  Photo should be at least 800 x 600 pixels but also not huge like 4000 x 3000.
    .  A ‘tie’ where two people tag the same spot, we will use the first to submit as the winner.
       (smart phones with cameras have made this possible, make sure you can post with it)
    .  No repeats! If it’s been tagged before during the current running year, it’s out of play. Look
       for something new.
    .  If you accidentally tag something old, and someone lets you know, admit your public
       humiliation and post a new tag.
    .  Make sure “Photo Tag” is in the message of your post. (so you can filter them out if needed)
    .  Any disputes can be settled by group therapy, questions go to the tag master, with the
       ultimate adjudicator being our Chapter's H.O.G. Manager.
    .  This is an unmanaged game for the most part, and for fun. Help out if people are having
       trouble with your tag.
           *If a week goes by and no one has found the tag, the original poster should post up a new
             hint as to the location if it’s not obvious.
    .  If your tag is interesting or unusual, you might want to post some extra info about it AFTER
       it has been found.

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