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Rides, Challenges & Changes!



     As the 2020 Riding season comes to a close, we all look forward to a NORMAL 2021 season. With fingers crossed, I hope this comes to fruition, because, I can’t take much more of this!

     Since last writing, we had a few Major changes take place within the Chapter. First, John Mooney, left Suffolk County Harley Davidson, leaving a void in the Directors spot. Ed Stewart, the owner of our Sponsoring Dealer, asked John Casey to assume the Director roll, which he accepted. Well, we think he did, because he may have responded in an “Irish Brogue” and may have actually accepted nomination to be the New York State Governor….…..Just Kidding, Good luck in your new position!


    Pete Schappert, our Assistant Director, decided to step down and assume the role of Chapter Manager. Thanks Pete for all the Help and Support. We know going forward, you will still be there to assist us, with the Chapter. With Pete, stepping down, John Casey asked, Head Road Captain, Paul Pizzuto, to assume the Assistant Director position. Paul agreed, and in turn, asked me to assume the Head Road Captain position. With John Casey’s assumption of the Director position, his former Secretary position was assumed by Eric Terwilliger.  Good luck to all in their new positions, I know I will need it! I also thank all for their past contributions, in their former roles!

     Once everyone was settled in their new positions, Paul, with assistance from Pete was able to secure the Chapter a new meeting space, that being the VFW Hall in Medford. This is an awesome space that can now accommodate our entire Chapter for a meeting. This space is at no cost to us, but we promised the Commander, that we would participate in two (2) Parades during the year. Those being, Veterans Day and Memorial Day. A small price to pay for their hospitality. 

    Our first meeting at the new venue, was this November, and the accommodations were awesome. Please remember, we are guests here, so we must respect the Hall, and leave it as we found it, “clean and tidy”


   We had a few rides, with excellent turn outs. The chapter is expanding and it makes rides a bit challenging keeping the group together. I sent out an email detailing how we may tackle these issues in the 2021 season.  I hope you all read it.


   After the Holiday season, I will be meeting with all the Road Captains, and at that time we will be hammering out the first part of the ride season. I know the first spring ride will be Road captain, Paul’s ride, in keeping with tradition……and he also told me, “I’m doing the first ride!”……Ok, ok, stop yelling! If you have any suggestions for a ride, please contact me, and let’s look at it and get it on Calendar.


   December 12, 2020 will be our Annual Toy Run, to the Ronald McDonald House in New Hyde Park. Administrators at the House are excited about this event, given the fact, that due to COVID, no one other than our Chapter contacted them this year about any donations. Given this information, I hope we make a big splash! There is a box for donations at the dealership in front of the desk. There is also a flyer showing items that are requested by the house. I sent out an email with the flyer, that I hope all received, if not you can read it at dealership.


   Road Captain Paul, contacted WBAB, and had the event posted on their calendar. I contacted “J.P.” of the Roger and J.P. Morning show, and J.P. agreed to announce the event during his show, the week leading up to the event. I believe we will have a nice turn out, and it would be awesome to get the entire Chapter involved that day. That being setting up in morning at dealership, staging the bikes for the ride, and collecting donations etc.


   Finally, we will be having our Annual membership drive in January. I encourage members to come down to the dealership when the dates are decided to meet the potential new members.


   Till next time, stay safe, stay warm, and keep the rubber side down!

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