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Saturday April 27, 2019   


     Well, I think “Cabin Fever” was setting in, and after several weeks of postponement, due to rain and Bad Weather, The Club was finally able to enjoy, Road Captain, Bob “Hurricane” Bronzo’s ride to Montauk!

     We started out, meeting at our usual starting point, Cumberland Farms, Ronkonkoma. The club was well represented with original Members as well, as new members. It was a good representation by all of the Suffolk County HOG Chapter.


     After a brief meeting, and group picture, we all mounted our bikes and proceeded to follow Bob’s planed ride to the Montauk Lighthouse. After proceeding out east via, Sunrise Hwy, Bob proceeded to take our group on some very nice scenic backroads through the Hamptons, along the North portion of the South Fork, back down to the Coast along the Ocean.  We made a stop in Bridgehampton, for Coffee, Restrooms and Chat at Starbucks.(Not my type of Coffee) While there Paul Sr. and Lisa discussed the merits of having a “Coffee Caddy” attached to their handlebars, and which member had the better “Caddy!”  We then proceed back on the road heading east. The views from Montauk Hwy, through East Hampton, were exceptional.


     When we arrived in Montauk, the group made its way, through the park, and rode past the Montauk Lighthouse. We then proceed back into the Village, where we all enjoyed a nice lunch at the Shagwong Tavern. At this time everyone had the chance sit down, talk about the ride, enjoy a nice lunch, and meet and get to know each other. Assistant Road Captain Frank, had the soup! It was a great “get together.” 


     After lunch, we then got back on the bikes, and Bob proceeded to lead us through some nice back roads to Sag Harbor.  As Luck would have it, on our way to Sag Harbor, we encountered rain.  Afterall, what would a “Bob” ride be without rain?  After a short break in Sag Harbor, it was decided by the Road Captains, to take a more direct ride back west to avoid the weather.  The group than made our way back west, and members peeled off along the way, making their way back to their respective homes. All, in All, it was a great ride that Bob put together, and worth the wait.  KUDOS! The Road Captains did an exceptional job, keeping us safe along the route!  We experienced great views, roads and Camaraderie.


     If you missed this ride, don’t despair. There are plenty rides in the future. Our Road Captains have put together a nice mix of rides for the year. Pick a few and join us. It’s great to be out riding with friends that enjoy the “Brotherhood and Sisterhood” of the club, and share the same enthusiasm of riding Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Looking forward to seeing everyone along the road! Remember, you get out of the Club, what you put into it, and I Believe we will make this a club that everyone will enjoy!

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