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June 2, 2019




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done without being planned, organized, or rehearsed.


     Hello all! On Saturday, June 1, 2019, our “Quarterback”, head Road Captain, Paule called an audible during the week, and advised, that since there was no planned ride for the weekend, we would all meet at Cumberland Farms at 9:00 am, and have an “Impromptu” ride. Impromptu, must have a new meaning, that being “Many”, because 13 club members showed up for the ride. That was an Awesome showing.  We even had an “Irish John” sighting. He showed up before 1 pm, and was sporting a cool, black Street Glide! Great riding with you John, hope to ride some more in the future!

     Upon meeting at Cumberland farm, it was decided by majority vote to revisit an earlier ride, Road Captain Paul, took us on, that being a ride, out east to Mill Road. At 9:30, the members saddled up, and we proceeded to take some back roads, eastbound. Great weather, and great scenery! The Group eventually made it to Mill Rd, and eventually to the Old Grumman, Calverton plant. Once there we made a stop, by some of Grumman’s most famous aircraft. Of course, a Group picture was in order, in front of one of Grumman’s Jets.  It truly is a shame, that this once great company, founded here on Long Island, no longer has a significant footprint in our area. A lot of history took place on these grounds!

     After our stop, Road Captain Paul, handed the reins over to Assistant Road Captain, Jack, who proceeded to lead us into Port Jefferson Village. Once in Port Jefferson, the members headed into the Village, for coffee and chat.  Us “Common Folk” headed to Dunkin Donuts, while Assistant Road Captain Frank. Headed to Starbucks! That’s how we roll, right Frank?


     All, in all it was a great ride, with great weather, and we also experienced a miracle on our ride. Assistant Road captain, Bob was along, doing a great job, and we experienced, not one drop of rain.


     Hats off to all the Road Captains on the ride! They did an excellent job, of keeping us safe, and navigating in, and around our route. Next week's ride is to Riverhead for a function sponsored by Long Island ABATE, benefiting our American Veterans. We plan on meeting at Cumberland Farms at 9:00 am. Hope to see you all there.

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