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May, 10, 2019


    Hello! Our monthly meeting of the Group, held on May 9, was attended by 25 members. Nice turn out!  There were a lot of new faces attending, and we are glad to see you all. Welcome aboard! Even one of our “Original Members” Assistant Road Captain Jason, attended, via the miracle of Apple Facetime, with the assistance of Jen. Jason will be joining us for a ride soon, and we all look forward to his return.

    The Group, now in its first full year, is getting off to an exciting start. Road Captains have put together a nice ride schedule for the year, so there should be something for everyone. Let’s hope for some good weather, and good riding!

      “Irish” John “Gaveled” the meeting to order, and proceeded to have everyone introduce themselves to each other. He also bragged that while on Vacation, he encountered no “Potholes” and great weather during his time in New Zealand. Jealous? Absolutely!  I do not think, Assistant Road Captain, Bob “Hurricane” Bronzo, will be boasting same, when he returns from his trip to the Florida Keys! Ride safe, Bob and enjoy!!

      Head Road Captain, Paule, outlined the responsibility of the Road Captains during our Group Rides.  Paule, emphasized, that Group safety from beginning, to end, is of utmost importance.  Paule, also introduced us to our newest assistant Road Captain,   Eric Terwilliger. Congrats, Eric, we know you will do a great job! Well Deserved!   

      Paul, then outlined the schedule of our next few rides. The first, being an Autism Run, coordinated by the “Chosen Souls” on May, 11. We will be meeting as a Group at Suffolk County Harley, instead of our usual spot at Cumberland Farm. KSU @ 10:30 at the Dealership.  We would like to see a nice group showing, so other clubs will come support our, future sponsored rides. Hope to see you all there.

       The most important order of business, discussed by John, Paule and Assistant Road Captain, Frank, was the benefit ride that we are putting together for our brother, and Founding member, Richie.  Those who do not know, Richie is suffering from Cancer, and whatever we can do for him and his family is appreciated. This ride will be held on June 22, at the Dealership. This will be our first “Group” event, Organized solely by our members, and we will need “All Hands” on deck to see it to a successful conclusion, so if you can volunteer, and help with anything, see one of the Chapter Officers, so we can put this all together. We need to make this a huge Success! 

        Finally, the 50/50 was drawn, and the winner was Larry Ashley. Larry upon receiving his winning’s, promptly handed the money back to John, to be used for our “Ride for Richie” Event! Kudo’s Larry! Awesome gesture!

         In closing, members should be aware by now, that Road Captain Paule, is selling Chapter Tee Shirts, and sweatshirts. Paule negotiated excellent prices for the group, so if interested, see him. Paule sent out a price list to all members. If you are ordering, Paule, asks that you pay in cash. 

        If anyone has any suggestions that will help make this group, fun and more enjoyable to all, please let us know. I myself will be in Myrtle Beach for Bike week, next week. Any members also attending, give a shout out, and let’s get together! Until our next meeting “Ride Safe!”

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