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Changes……So Let’s get this Party Started!


      Hello all.  I Hope that you all made it through these Gloomy Winter months, with everything that has been going on over the past year.


   In January, the Chapter held its annual “Membership” drive. During that month, we met some real nice individuals, who expressed an interest in joining our Chapter. After receiving the applications, approximately 20 new members joined our group. This brings our chapter member total to over 70 members which is a long way from the Original hand few of members that started the Chapter some years ago. We first held our meetings in the small upstairs room of the Blue Goose Restaurant in  Patchogue and now we can fill an entire VFW hall. Truly amazing how we have grown in a few short years.

   I would like to welcome all the new members and look forward to meeting, riding and sharing memories with all. Welcome Aboard and remember, the more you put into the Chapter, the more you will get out of it!


   The riding schedule for this year has been prepared by the Road Captains and it can be found on our Calendar. It includes a mixture of “On Island” rides as well as “Off Island” rides and of course there will always be a “There is Traffic Everywhere!” ride, which I seem to always draw! This ride is the delight of Frank, Eric and Paul, as they get to hear my frustration and rants throughout the entire trip! All kidding aside, I think the schedule has something for everyone. As always, if there is a destination you are interested in, please bring it to the attention of one of the Road Captains and let us map it out and see if we can get it on the Calendar!

   As we start the year, there have been a few Changes in the Chapter. John Casey, one of the Original Members, decided to vacate his position as Director, and leave the Chapter due to other commitments.  We want to thank John for his work in helping getting this Chapter running and wish him the best. Due to John’s departure, there was a Vacancy at the Director position. Ed Stewart, owner of Suffolk County Harley-Davidson, our sponsoring dealer, asked Paul Pizzuto to take on the Director position. Paul accepted, and Eric Terwilliger filled the Assistant Director Position. I was asked to take the Secretary Position and Frank Viscomi, took the Head Road Captain position.

   With the addition of new members, it was determined that an additional Road Captain would be needed in order to ensure that our rides are managed and safe, so prior to leaving the Head Road Captain position, I asked Charlie Menacho to join the Road Captains, which he accepted.


   I want to wish all the best of luck in their new positions. I know that they all have the Chapter’s best interest at hand, and will work to make this Chapter exciting for all. I know first-hand how much Paul and Eric put into the Chapter. They have done so since the first day I met them, so I know they will work tirelessly as our new Director and Assistant Director. There are many things that go on behind the scene that these two take care of, along with Pete that should be noted, and acknowledged, so they all deserve our support.

   Eric, upon assuming his new position, got to work on a new membership APP, that once it is completely up and running, will be a welcome asset to the Club. It will enable us to track our rides, attendance, purchase merchandise and keep track of Chapter business. There will be a few growing pains going forward, but these problems, are being quickly addressed and corrected. If you have not yet signed up for the APP, please do, it will help us with Communication wit in Chapter.

   Paul also decided that the Chapter needed a “Sunshine” fund, in order to address needs of the members. Dave Fischer, was asked to run the fund, and it was named the “Hogshine” fund. Dave will be in contact with members, concerning contributing to the fund. If you wish to contribute, please see Dave at our meetings or rides.

   Well, as of this writing, we finally were able to have our “New Members” ride. Approximately twenty riders were in attendance. It was a clear but cool day and it was nice to finally meet and ride with the new members. It went off without a problem and I think everyone enjoyed the day. Here is looking forward to riding with you all in the future!


   In closing, I would like to remind you that we would be having our Annual “Richie’s Ride” in honor of original member, Richie Ortiz. This ride is scheduled for June 5th.  Head Road Captain Frank, will be forming a committee to organize this ride. We will need the support of all to make this ride a success. Please seek out Frank if you wish to be part of the Committee. A lot of work will go into this endeavor, so no task is too small. Please seek out Frank at a meeting or ride if you wish to Volunteer.


   So the warm weather is finally getting here, so…………………………….Let’s get this Party Started and get out on the road and enjoy the camaraderie of riding our motorcycles and enjoying the open road. As always, be safe!

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