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Bear Mountain


   On Sunday 09-08-19, Road Captain “Hurricane” Bob Bronzo led the club on a ride to Bear Mountain, N.Y.  The Group met at our usual rally point at Cumberland Farms on a nice cool Sunday Morning and prepared for the ride.  We had a group of 16 bikes along with a few passengers. The morning was also the debut of Assistant Road Captain, Eric’s new ride. Sleek looking machine. Wish him many happy, safe miles in the saddle. Congrats!

    After a  brief description of the ride route by Assistant Road Captain Bob, we all started our machines and headed out on an awesome ride. The ride took us through Long Island, along the expressway through queens and then we made our way through the Bronx to the Manhattan side of the Triborough Bridge, and then, to the dreaded UP{PER LEVEL of the George Washington Bridge where we encountered our first Traffic snarl. Bob along with the other Assistants on the ride were able to keep our group safe and together as we made our slow trek over the Bridge.

     Once on the Jersey side, the ride took us through Palisades Park where we enjoyed a leisurely ride along the Hudson River. The views were awesome, but we had to be careful of the bicycle riders and pedestrians enjoying the park. They may not have liked the roar of our “Big V-Twins,” but we did, and that’s what matters! Once we exited the park, we made our way along the Palisades Parkway where we took a break at the State line rest area.  The view of New York, from the Jersey side of the river, was beautiful.

      After our stop, we began the last leg of our trip along the Palisades up to Bear Mountain.  Upon arrival at Bear Mountain, we made our way to the Bear Mountain Lodge. Bob made arrangements for our group to enjoy a great Lunch upstairs in the lodge.  If you ever have the chance to stop and enjoy a meal here, I suggest you do. During lunch we all got a chance to talk about the ride and get to know some of the newer members that were along. Great to see how we all share the same passion for riding our motorcycles. It is what makes this Group a “Brother/Sisterhood!”

      After Lunch, we took a few moments to take in all the attractions and views of Bear Mountain. We then continued our ride, which took us over the Bear Mountain Bridge, toward the Bear Mountain Parkway. Once again, we encountered a traffic snarl, but with the good communication of lead Road Captain Bob and the Assistants, we were all able to make it over the Bridge and “re-form” our group on the other side.

      The ride then took us along the parkway, past Camp Smith and into town. Once in town, we stopped to refuel our rides. It was at this point, Paul Senior decided to do his best impression of the Captain from the “Exxon Valdez”. He can explain, if he wants to!


     Our ride then proceeded through Greenwich Connecticut, toward the Merritt Parkway, through Westchester and the Bronx. then finally back to Long Island. All in all, we covered three states, and a bit over 200 miles. It was a beautiful ride, with great sights and friends. Could not ask for a better day, weather wise. Road Captain Bob plotted an outstanding ride! Only Bob can take a 70 mile journey and turn it into a 200 mile adventure.  A thank you to all the Assistants and riders who kept the group together and safe throughout the ride. Great job! Looking forward to doing this ride again.

      Hope to see as many as possible at our September meeting, on the 12th. If anyone has any suggestion, please bring them forward at the meeting. Road Captain Jack Costa’s ride to The Harley Davidson Plant in York, PA, is scheduled for September 20th. I believe we have 20 bikes going, and doing the overnight. Should be a great trip. Jack put a lot of effort into this ride, so looking forward to a few enjoyable days in the saddle. Hope to see ya all then! 'Till then, enjoy the weather and ride safe!.

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